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How does Sirius help you?


Manage incoming invoices
and plan payments


Send invoices
and track receivables

What do users say?

Any business, I believe, needs a centralized invoicing and invoice monitoring system. Usually, we do it in Google Sheets and always forget something, especially the numbering order, currency conversion, and how many accounts we have issued and how many have been paid. Sirius is one of the best, if not the only, platforms I have seen on the Moldovan market for managing payment accounts, with a perfect interface and functionality for my business. The most important thing in Sirius is not the functionality or the interface, but the team that is responsive to the users’ needs, which makes them better than just a simple platform. Shifty Ads confidently recommends the platform and the Sirius team.

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Victor Mocan

Founder of Shifty Ads

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Features that make entrepreneurship easier

Invoice generation
Generate beautiful invoice in seconds. Select from several templates the one that suits your business. Each payment account is created to inspire the customer to pay faster.
Send invoice by email
Sales dashboard
Check transaction status
All money in one place
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Sirius is free for any user. We provide access to create 50 documents, one company and two users

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Unlimited number of documents, companies, and users. 24/7 support and access to the latest features

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We assist with Sirius integration to benefit your community. Plus: custom configuration, professional consultations, personal support, and free updates.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
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What if I need more features than the free subscription offers?
How many companies are included in a Sirius subscription? If I add a new company to my account, do I need to pay for another subscription?
What is the procedure for changing the active subscription for my company?
If I don't know how to use Sirius, can someone help me?
What is the number of users included in the subscription?

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